Fun Catch Ups
Fun Catch Ups

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The Real Amazon


Well this one takes down Jeff Bezos or maybe helps him. A lot of great ideas plus food options that you have at an RSL. Jack tells us his process and what he hopes to achieve in lockdown See for privacy information.

A The podcast fans. Do you lookfriendship, but also humor rolling? Well, you've come to the right place. Ion Yeah D, that's right Ha, Oh yeah jack, on much about episodes. We have alittle bit of a warm up before we talk a little bit, hey how you going, butthis is straight into the press straight. I haven't even explained whoI am to you yet? Yes, yes, you are Jack Rose Right. Yeah Kappa's got one ofthose like that. Fifty first first dates disease like the Adam Sandlermovie, so all of his podcast he has to like really get completely briefed on who he is. What a podcast is, what thepremise of the show is. Who is talking to three on nightmare? I remember onceyou tricked me and told me that I was actually your lover in Hawaii yeah,that was which was embarrassing. That was pretty pretty rough in hindsight, not a good thing to do. Certainly, I ain't not a cool thing. Imean for you to be my lover that was nice, but to find out where I were inHawaii and were actually in the in the suburbs of Melbourne was that was real,devastating yeah, because I just nailed a big flower to the wall and pointed atit and said Halla. Yes, I am easily mislead, especially inmy in my state that I am usually in in those kind of things away. Deliriousstates, it was wrong of you to take advantage of me- saw the flower. Yousaw the words, a low horse, Bray painted on the wall, and I know what Haiyah I was I would have been in Hawaii. Iknow in October I would have been in Hawaii this year. Oh yeah friend Mike Goldsteins, getting married,it's funny because man, I don't know, do you get excited about places youusually wouldn't go to yeah like I. Would you wouldn't catch me dead inHawaii? Why not? I had to to touristy yeah, not my vibe, not my vibe I'd liketo go. There's this island where you can go and fight and there's a crowthat lives in that region. On this island and it's one of the only animalswith a r three step memory, what does that mean? It can rememberlike most animals can only remember one or two steps right, but it can rememberthree steps. So humans, we've got like heaps of steps, but they can. Thesebirds can remember there. They have three different steps in memory, sothey can pick up a stick. Remember to use that stick for that thing, and thenthat thing for that thing, that's amazing yeah, so they could like theycould make a simple curry, maybe maybe, if yeah, maybe if master foodswas involved, yeah you'd have to you know one of those premix things. Yeahwouldn't be from scratch. But no, if you had one of those paste like astir in paste, some yeah, they could get that done,because only three animals use tools and it's this breed of crow, elephants and monkeys to beat open, cocoanuts orwhatever yeah and monkeys, sometimes that they use sticks and they stampinto aunt hills with them, and then they eat the ants off. The sticks.Remember sin that somewhere a so that's kind of like a monkey'slollipop yeah, exactly like a fun do, but with Ants God, I'm glad I'm human, sometimes imagine imagine your taste buds. Are That brazen that rough? That ants are yoursweetener? That's your little desert, ants yeah and you got to eat them with astick like I feel like yeah. You could...

...prepare my favorite food for me and Iprobably wouldn't just jab it with a stick and lick the stick: Yeah exactly yeah, even the bestResorto in the world, if you're eating it with a stick, doesn't count like itdoesn't count this isn't this isn't related at all tothat really, but it just reminded me for some reason to about Rezat. I don'tknow why, but do you remember when we did that it was like a road trip forfor comedy gigs and we're in the car with our friend Matt Stewart and we'retalking about meals, that you can never go wrong with HMM and he's? I try to remember itspecifically what curry it was. He said there was a certain ye curry that youcan never go. It's always even a bad one's going to be pretty good, we'retalking about foods that were always pretty good and then he said, he'd hada bad type of this curry and then, when we asked him about it, it was becausehe had it at Ye, had it a gold class at the movies, a yes, that's I that wasthe wildest thing to choose to like that's where the finest the finestIndian chefs would hang out at hits. I remember it was at least four hours on thiscurry roof and we didn't let him live it down. It was Hoias just such a mind boy,because I think he went in there so confidently to complain about thiscurry. Yeah he's like yeah, the only bad one I'vehad was at gold class and we were alike. Oh my God like to to even admit you had to curry goldclasses huge, like. I think I think people have died for lesser lesserreasons like that's, not I'm man, I'm Im, you know me, I put everything onthe table. You know I'm I'm as transparent as they come, but I don'tthink I would take that to the grave with me yeah like to yeah to say that I need a corret goldclass, make sure whoever's speaking at your funeral, doubles down on it and islike Nekaba beloved man would never have a curry atgold class. Probably wouldn't go to gold class that often anyway, and if he did through a gift. Boucherscenario- maybe he'd, probably just have a maybe a nice drink in a dessert.Just a sort of regular stuff that you'd have cock top track to yeah chocked up would not go beyond thefrozen coke in terms of beverages. Yes, anything fancy ye man because haveyou ever done that I've? I think I've told a story a few times, but I made abig mistake. Last year I went to the R sl Ne Mananas and you know when you go to an Iras, soyou just get the basics you get like a snize. You get a palmer, something like a chicken Kave,something deep, fried, don't go past anything else, but I decided to get abarren mondy cooked in bark right in like tree bark. Yes, yes, sick and straight away. I knew this was amistake adding like at a restaurant yeah, but at an RS and men. It took an hour and a half tocome out took so long and it came out and it was so terribleand they're just you can't complain about that. You can't complain to theshift. You can't complain to your friends because you've made the mistake,yeah anyone could say nick you're, it's the RL's fault forputting it on the menu. No, it isn't they've done that to fool people likeme: Yeah there's some things where you really got to just yeah. You got to just lock in and stickto the basics at times, yes, yeah in...

...when I did that last there was a bigone. Yeah, Oh really, you did a big one. It's memorable yeah! It's still! It'sjust the worst, though, with meals, because you gotta just got a wallow init and usually, when you're with people who get something that you just wish,you could have yes stare it down. I think you and I you and I did onewell because I mean you're vegetarian and I at vegetarian a lot, but one time you and I went into a cafeand they I think it was like more than Vegan. I forget what it was and we hadsome kind of weird tea, because we always tried experiment with cafes yeahforget which place it was on Brunswick Street. I think I remember, then it wasjust so and even you were like fuck. This isnext level. I don't know what it was, but they didn't even have any basic,teas or anything, and even the most open minded guys like us. We're likeyeah we're out of our depth here. This is this is too this is to Brunswick.For us we got to get it out. I'd love to see like I was telling the storyabout. We went to this place. They had the craziest fucking tea. You couldimagine, and then just like flashes to us and it was like peppermint orsomething we were just liking- country idiots, freaking out a wellthat's what I was about to say as well like we're like open minded, but we'reprobably wearing jeans and like joggers at the time, with a t,shirt and a Hoodie yeah like the most basic white guys ever yetjust freaking out over a weird tea. I think it would be harder for avegetarian because that's kind of the fancy meal at an ourself yeah. I thinkit's like you get. I mean I think it's just like whatyou're saying before ward's like you, I you know what to expect and it's yourfault. I think it's the same with being vegetarian. It's like you can't go toan RL and then get angry that they don't have good vegetarian food. It'slike yeah, you going yeah knowing that on some level they hateyou and resent your thing there and you're, not there by choice. So youshould just sort of have a beer and you know not look anyone in the eyes.That's kind of just the rules you're, one of the reasons the war started yeah if there are any actual returnservicemen there they, if they'd known you were going to bethe future of Australia, they never would have listed and they would haveabandoned their posts in the war and let the enemy win. Man is good. People like that. You wishtheir relatives hadn't returned. Let El the battle fields were rough,but hanging out with this guy. Nothing take me back man how this is just a thought. I justhad a thought. Do you reckon because, like a lot of strains and and Britishand people like that, went to Europe to fight in the war to France and Russia,and things like that? Do you reckon any of them just stayed in those countriesand just didn't? Come back. That's a good question. I don't knowI'm sure some of them must have yeah. Just like Oh yeah, I kind of like it eryeah. I walked around and just stay there that was pretended. They were dead andYeah Dod. It would be a good, it would have been the golden age of faking,your own death for sure a I, no one ye asking any questions: Man Yeah, nothere's no paper trial, ere nolite is a paper trial, but it's not it's paperthat can be it wouldn't have been filed or anything. Yes, it's one piece of paper and no oneknows where it is.

That's your whole life yeah yeah, a yeah, that's yeah! That'sthat's weird! I don't know anyway mate. This is fun catchups. We have a funcatch up, I'm having fun so far, yeah man, but what's have we caught up yetthat's the problem. Now what's been happening. What's your this this lastweek, end in Lockton been for you. This is officially we're coming to the endof the second week. Is that right or the mid point of the second week yeah?I think so I do I don't know any more man yeah. I really don't know any more.What it see. What August that aint or something like that. So I do. I stillin my house met a while ago and it was like- and he was like- is this a wetweek two a week three of the stage for lock down, and I was like it's beenfour days and it was like. Oh, Oh man hahits beenforward a Hay. It was four days in and he asked me if it was a week to a tre, yeah yeah, so yeah, I'm doing all rightman, I I am going to start studying next week.I'm going back to tape. Oh well, yeah, I'm doing a doing a set for aneducation, Oh cool, so yeah that'll be interesting. Is that without knowingany particular plan in mind or just what's the idea interesting thing, I'm, like I'm thirty, seven andwhichever job I get to support me, I'm always cleaning a bin out yeah, whichis fine, but I'm kind of over that I'm kind of over just starting at thebottom. So I thought I might as well get a casual job like being a teacher'sassistant yeah, where I don't have to start over. I can just be there yeah yeah yeah, a great idea, so that's what I thought. I think thathe, the hourly rate, would be better M and I enjoy it. I enjoy working aroundchildren, so that should be good and also man. We got to be honest, I don'tknow like will comedy come back and if itcomes back, will it be one night a week, yeah and maybe we'll get one spot everyfive weeks, so you kind of got to look at other options and yeah definitelyyeah. So it's a pretty Gatima, pretty harrowing thought. I've been. My big plan is to become a big big,youtte boy yeah. I try at all figure out hawelearn to hack, get in on the algorithm. Somehow yeah do you have you made any PASwithin yout guys? Do you know Super Wog old super work, someone emailed me acouple years ago to audition for super work as a as a computer guy like a computerprogrammer or something, and I wasn't wasn't available for it. I was out oftown, but that could be something yeah, because what Super War is it's humorabout being a wag and all that kind of stuff yeah isn't it, but you and I were joking because youhave to play a it guy in super wog. You are asked to do that and we're thinkingwhat, if super work, rather than doing stereotypes and like O, whatever,whatever that he was trying to branch out on a political drama, Super Wog,yeah and we're saying if there's a new branch of Super Wowcalled super work, Desert Storm Yeah and it's like Tom Glanty novels that d be so good. Just like the most like. You know, they always talk aboutgreat the great artist's. Always they never settle on one thing: they keepexpanding but Caso you know, did one John. I don't know anything about this,our history, so you probably know a lot better than me, but it's like he didn'tthe one thing for a while. Then he mastered it. Then he moves on and doesthe next form of art is totally...

...different or you know there's so manyexamples and yeah film making stuff. If Super Wog was like all right, I've,cracked comedy keeping the name Super Wog, but romantic dramas for the nextnext few years. Yeah. I I think I remember a particular thingwe were talking about if a man with a gold chain and added as track suit walks in to a man with a computer- andhe goes the real war- is in here and points to his head. Oh my God! That'sright! Yeah! Not I that's so good! Yeah Man! I look. I've got it. I've gota so. I've got a few comics that I got acomic. I'm working on right. I've just started coloring it in today, but Ithought it's a weird coming because it's got alternative endings right. So it's a man first panel reading aPlayboy magazine Second Panel. You see that he's gettingsomewhat of an erection. The third panel thy erection is biggerand then the fourth panel, the erection, is so bigthat it takes the magazine out of his hands. Yeah right, it's it's stabbed inthe middle and in the fourth panel, is pushing his erection is pushed themagazine like way up into the sky yeah and then a person walks in on thefourth pat on the fifth panel, sorry and says that's weird, and then in the sixth panel has the twopeople again with these erections still big into the sky, and he and the secondperson saying that's weird. No one ever reads porno magazines any more, so I thought of that. That's that's theending so far, but then I thought is this a funny ear, ending that the second person doesn't comeinto the frame and the fifth panel. You see an angelin the clouds just standing there, and then the magazine comes through theclouds like the boner goes through the cloud, the magazine and then the AngelPicks the magazine off the end of the penis and goes wow porno. You never see thesearound an I like both of those yeah. I know ittime I was thinking. Maybe I would do the comic and then do alternativeending yeah that, let's try and think of a thirdending, then so then it's like a real pick, ur onadmit what, if it's like, it's like someone someone's going to the moon to finallydisprove the moon landing or try to think something about space likeit's. The International Space Station and yeah they're like it gets it's the first porno to get tothe International Space Station. Somehow, Oh yeah, great great, like so yeah I islike a Shugab it an gouse not normally allowed these yeah yeah. Thank God yeah! That's good man yeah! What? If it is, what if you see a direction into thesun, and then it cuts back to him reading and he's like yaks. That was a good porno. Ah that was a red hot porno or it's in his direction goes into thesun a and then the last panel is like... sort of pulls back, and it's like anad for that. It's an ad for that issue of playboy and it's like playboy, sohorny you'll shoot you dick into the sun, Hahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!That's good! That's good play boy! So you dick will go into thesun. That is goes when think epic tumes up as well. He likes it as well. Forsome reason: It'll get your Dick a hundred over onemillion degrees Celsius yeah. So that was that's good men yeaha panel like it's cool to have alternative endings. It's cool to have,I think, to we're on the Internet. There's no! There's no constrictions Mcan't just have one ending or two endings. You know pages who needs pages. Anymore. We've got screens yeah, there's not the ways you could do it as welllike you could have if you did it in like on Instar orsomething where you click through. The multiple pictures need at like onefennel one penal one panel and then the last three panels are just like this orthe new click, and it's this or you know what I mean yeah, I s yeah. Is that been done before? Have you seenlike graphic novels or comic books, oranything like that with alternate endings? No, I don't think so, but on my bit,I'm a bit out of that world yeah. I know that I notice now you cansubscribe to the Marvel Channel where they have the comic books on TV, and I was thinking about doing it, butI thought I liked the TACKTA book in my hand, yeah I kind of like flipping, andI think I think the screen would ruin me. I think if, if I had an iped I'dlike to get some comics on that yeah yeah people do that that was fun. Yeah Man, yeah yeah, so that's kind of that's that'd, be really cool idea. Ithink t e the playboy being that at is so good.So that's and that's good because that's separatefrom the other two, the other two rely on the the Dick going somewhere and yeah yeah a e, the other ones like ayeah, it's kind of it's different from the others, it's a bit of a rule ofthree, but still in the same theme of things yeah. Definitely I haven't got many ideas this week, butI thought I on this would be good as a stand up bitor a sketch or something, but I just I was walking past this van that had it was like a family business and itwas really prominent on the van that it was a family business. I can't rememberthe name of the family, but they were like family business been in the familyfor thirty years, is like so, and so, and sons, family kitchen maintenance orwhatever, and it ha it's so weird to me that, like I know like familybusinesses, everyone loves that, like that's a big plus for a business thatit's run by a family, I feel like you could do some. I don't know it's likean ad or something it's like. It's. The nel brother's Anilin son, kitchenmaintenance, family business been in the family for thirty years, so come on in because I tell you whatour staff were hired with no assessment of their abilities. They were going toget the job anyway. Maybe they have no idea what they're doing we didn't evencheck. So that's the kind of guys we got working for us. They could fuck up your kitchen sobadly and they would never lose their job there's nothing. They could do toyour kitchen bad enough for us to even consider firing them because they are afamily and we got to see him every day. They could kill you and your wholefamily, and once they got out of jail,...

...they'd be right back on the job,because that's the nature of family business, so it doesn't matter. Wedidn't look around for anyone better and we never will. I Yeah Yeah DNA is what counts with us. Yeah.It's like Jean the gene pool. If you love obvious nepotism, then comeon in to kneel and sof family this I a familybusiness, yeah, that's gray, man, it's so good!Like you go, you could do it on the angle like. Why support the bigcorporations when you can support this family business with over eightthousand shops, family owned, yeah, a world wide family business? What about something where? Becausepeople always talk about the horrible working conditions at Amazon and howhow poorly the staff are paid, but how rich Jeff Bes us is, I don't know how this could be a sketchor something it's like Jeff. These US has so much authority over his work asthe figures out a way of legally adopting all of them. So it'stechnically like a a everyone is evison employe. Hejust becomes their dead. That's so good! I am an yeah. He goes.It's all for the love O feel love. I love it for my family family, Oh one,big family, you know what I was thinking, man. Whatif you know, people have always got to give press conferences Mike If, ifyou're, Jeff Bees Oss you've got to explain your actions all time, you gota yeah, you got to be transparent aboutbusiness because you got stockholders and stuff. What if Jeff Bosos kept justsaying when Pill said? What do you think about your work as he goes? Well,it's better than working in the Real Amazon. Like that's and that's his reply. Everytime yeah is keeps talking about how harsh it wouldbe in the real Amazon is like poisonous snakes fires, you guys yeah. So you got nice views,but imagine trying to work with a macco on your shoulder, be crazy, or at least here you gotfloors. You got a desk in the Amazon. You just have a tree. You wouldn't evenhave a computer yeah. I saw it to be anywhere. A man got eaten by analligator. I tell you what my factory floors may be rough, but no one on theshipping floor has ever been eaten by an alligator yeah, and we ship allegesyeah, Yeah Yeah sure we got times on how quick itgets you to get, get get a get, an item from a shelf, but imagine just escapingfrom a Jaguar or getting a one of those little piranas to swim up your DickYeah Yeah. We don't allow toilet, we don'tallow any toilet breaks in our factories, but if you did go for atoilet break in the real Amazon there's a chance, there's little fish wouldswim up. Your Dick and eat you from the inside is that what you'd prefer? Ifthat's what you want, they can make it happen, but you see why you'd want thatyeah all the workers are like he's, making agood point actually in the quality of his products, startgoing down and the people are like why you know you don't give guaranteesanymore he's like well, could imagine...

...if they were made in the Amazon thatwouldn't be as good. What do you won a new computer carved with an ax out of a big tree anddon't think that would be good yeah, it's it's this or the Amazon yeah. YouChoose IT'S O. I don't know what the slogan isnow, but they replace it with Amazon better than the Real Amazon. Every press conference is late. There'sa there are some tribes in the Amazon that have been untouched by outsidecivilization and if you go anywhere near them, they'll just they'll killyou and eat you is that what you want is that is. Does that sound like safeworking conditions? I think ye man there's something I can. I got towrite that one day, yeah, that's great yeah that'd be a great compact, a Rivideo or something yeah, yeah yeah, that's great man, yeah! It's I I don't know right now. I find I'llrun with an idea, I'm trying to write more comic strips and things, butunless I guess I'm less Um stringent with my two hour writing I'vebeen doing in the morning. I haven't been doing it that much I've kind of Ithink now, it's time to kick, we got to kick each other into ker yeah. Maybe I don't know what what are youfocuses now? Are you because I thought maybe I'll keep writing stand up, but I thought inthis period I would just work on stuff that I can make now yeah and try towrite that. I don't know what what are your thoughts man, I agree completely.Man Like, I think you get. I think it's yeah, like you're you're at alevel, I think, would stand up where it's it's going to be fine like inwhatever capacity it comes back. If it does come back like you're, not goingto really miss a step, you might have a few gigs where you're a bit shaky orwhatever, but it's not like yeah and even then there's nothing you evencould be doing to prepare for it. We Really- and I think I went through a period of thinking I should be using this time towork on, stand up and prepare for stand up, and then I kind of gave up on thatand yeah. I think it was really hard for a period and then now I'm just like focused on yeah making videos and doingmy newsletter and and that kind of stuff, and it's it's been really good.It's like you, definitely a lot more of a of a center to focus on. You needlike a need, like a North Star, to be aimingyour your creativity at. I think yeah do you think we should try our process where you sitdown you're right without any interruption for a couple of hours. Youjust try and write anything you can sketches whatever you can do to film.What do you think it's better to try and pump out ten ideas or something orwhat do you think you reckon to go into the depths or has anything been workingfor you? Lately, that's been good yeah. I think I just just really committing to consistency.I think is the inconsistency of output, because that was always my thing and Ialways like right every day or basically, every day like I try towrite a lot yeah. I think you just tie yourself up in knots and you now and Ididn't have a clear. I just try and write stand up or whatever, but I thinknow it's like. If I can, if I warn't, going to put out a video every week orput out my news letter every week or something like that, then it's a loteasier to find the motivation to sit and right because it's like Yeah Shit,you got it because you need to put the stuff out yeah it's cool. Now I meanbecause I got a bit of a job delivering... groceries. Oh Yeah, and I I didmy first shift yesterday and it went for eh hours. It was like ten till nowit was nine till like six o'clock. You know not man and it was cool because before Hannahwould have been excited to get this job and I still am excited to get it andthings. But I couldn't help thinking. I could be at home, doing stuff workworking on stuff and I don't think I've ever felt like that before yeah I feltthe money's got to come first yeah but yeah. I think I'd rather liveoff like a smaller amount and work and what a Utai this time, because I don'tthink I'll ever get it again. Yeah Yeah Yeah Man. I think it's that's been the one plus I to all ofthis is just got me in a place where I feel very comfortable, just yeah sitting in the House and working.I think it was e, always tricky. Do you think you want to create a demand forJack Druce like a demand like when they've you know, hopefully, when things openup people are like okay, I want to see him now. I've seen all the videos it'sgreat yeah. I think I want to just sum, like I think and you're the same aswell. I think we do really really well it gigs. Quite a lot of thetime like I think when the people are in the room and you're doing comedy andpeople see what you're doing like people really like it like not to yeahor on whole yeah. That's like the people who say you are work really likeit and you talk to people afterwards and you can get the sense of the roomand then yeah and then it's done and they don't know who you are again. Theygo home where I think what I want to do is just try and be just do the stuffthat I like anyway, and that I think is funny anyway, but just get it out there.So people can see it, who don't don't happen to be in a bar at a certain time.You know it's a pretty crazy way of building an audience when you thinkabout it. Just all the live stuff. We used to do yeah for sure men yeah exactly I I hadthat awakening a while back, and I because I always looked down on thingswhere people were promoting themselves and things. I thought it was a bit of away to sell out and things, but then I thought that's what I thought. Ithought there was a, but I had to have the confidence to think that, and it'sgood you've got that confidence now, but you're. Getting that wondering why Inever wanted to promote myself and I think it's because deep down, I knewthe work wasn't good enough yeah. It does take a lot of yeah, it's scary as hell really yeah. Idon't know what s terrible actually yeah yeah. We should stop now nowanalyzed it second yeah Ma Yeah. Well, that's that's sucha cool wakening, and so what are your plans this weekyou going to just go for as many sketches and ideas as possible or yeah.I'm still, I'm just sort of still like filming some stand up ideas. I just dida video of I one of the ideas we came up with this podcast. I think I trialon this podcast a few episodes ago, Yep that a thing about how I came toAustralia through Disneyland so yeah, it's still taking me a whileto edit this and I'm still very, very awkward recording them. I think Istill say I feel insane when I do it just tolman on the camera, but I feel,like I get a little little bit better every time. So as long as I can cat upand do one every week, then it'll be fine, so you want to do like one of theseideas a week, but have them so they're, like basically finesse them more andmore until you just have this one idea. That's that's good! Every week yeah Iwatch I mean I've got a big backlog of ideas at the moment that I'm just kindof burning through to get the skills up yet and then ideally ud be like a bitof this and then some sketches as well, because I think I got a few of them inthe can to oh great man, man, I yeah I've beenloving them so far and I've got to say...

...the bravery behind it for anyone listening who hasn't justtold a stand up idea to camera. They not felt like a total fool. It fuckingit sucks so bad, it's like scarier than any GIG. It's like. Idon't know why this there's no way of explaining why this is but it's likeyoung gigs to the angriest drunkest people who hate me, and so I and theytell you that they hate you and you like it's so horrible, and I would do amillion of those rather than just sit in my room where I'm most comfortablein life and look at a camera and be like hey hello. It's me like it's sobad, my well. I keep going yeah. I've been loving, it I've beenloving it and I hopefully we we come out of this and hopefully there's ademand for us for both of us there's a a lift in in things of people wanting to come andsee us yeah, because that's what it's all about, like lock down, isn't aboutdiscovering yourself. It's not about you know finding out who you are orfinding your loved ones. It's about ticket calls get in those bumblingseats, yeah when when the comedy festival was canceled, it was like timeto think about sales even more. Yes, there was a man, and we joke about that.But there was a part of me that was like all right. What about what can Ido now? Yeah? I think you and I both talked aboutthat man. Anyway, I will man it's been. Thishas been a great catch up. Sorry, it's been a bit brief this week. Folks,thank you so much for for tuning in yeah guys once again share subscribe,or that I don't know I don't I mean whatever you want yeah. I do whateveryou want, but if you've been enjoying it, I don't know put please. I don'tknow tag yourself listening to it. He Rod my snow board just covering upsome powder and listening to fun. Catch up, woohoo yeah put a photo of you pumpin some iron looking realite with a but no de Yeah, not depressed pumping ironor depressed riding, a snow board. You got to be happy and yeah. Look likeyou're having a good time, a big, grin well breaking a world record forlifting weights, yeah the caption, love and fun catch up, yeah, yeah and not daggy, like youcan't look daggy like little cool a like, not try, hard cool, like not. Youknow, Giovani or something like that, and you got to have the fire in youreyes. Like a real champion, you know, yeah, we got to be able to see theheart in you. Yes, yes, so we're not fussy. We we just want you to. We want to dowhat's best for the podcast and and if you do, we don't want, if you can makeit a promoted post as well. If you put some money behind it, yeah that'll bego well. Well, email use some some terms to put in the algorithm toget it seen by the right people yeah. Well, you know, I think I think that's fairand you're you're, not a true fan until you do that yea. So I think I think, ifyou haven't done that you're not really a fan. Actually, to be honest, we'redisappointed in most of our fiends. At the moment they haven't done that it'sbeen every day's better disappointment. Do you does any? Do you know anyonethat owns Zeppelin? Oh some, several lets any Zeppelin owners. If you arelistening to us right now and you're cruising along in is in your Zep, Idon't know if you call them as Yep, but yeah write us on the side. Get yourmark big paint brush out and get to work. Yeah get one to paint, rollersButon, both sides and the bottom.

Please what if we hired a huge Zeppelin andput fun catchups on the side, and it was the second biggest disaster besidesinane yeah, with the only sipped up all Imine to get this big public city her and then I crash into a hospital and our defense is well. It wasn't asbig as the Hindenburg yeah like it was the second biggest disaster. A that isbig. You know I more people technically, but you knowin the radius of the explosion, was smaller, so yeah yeah who's, the WHO's, the second guy towalk on the moon. What's his name, Bosola Yeah, no one remembers BuzzAldrin, whether Bazulto of Hindenburg crisis. Oh Man, well, that's great! Well, yeah!If please review and all that crap yeah whatever you want apple check outwhatever you want. Actually, if you, if you want to check out any ofthose stand up BITs, I've been doing his videos that we talked about beforethe my mouture that'll be cool and thanks so much for listening all right. Thanks make good to see yougood to catch out. So soon man like.

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