Fun Catch Ups
Fun Catch Ups

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Sausage Prison


In this episode Capper presents a sausage based idea. Jack gives it a punchline like no other   Join the facebook group here You can find Jack Druce at You can find Nick Capper at See for privacy information.

I, the podcast fans, do you lookfriendship but also humor? Well, you've come to the right place, it's time forfun, Tattas, that's right! Fun! Cacos, Oh yeah, yes, hi! Welcome! Today is oneof the most spectacular days in history, because it is just one of the dayswhere Jack Druce and I can have a fun catch up. Jack Druce are you there? Areyou ready for a fun catchup? I've already had a fun catch up, just seeingyou all pick leaded and dark on my computer screen at all. I needed yes,perfect. It's good to be back. It's good to have like it's just good to bearound someone that I can't smell or physically tough. That is not ahousemate. It's really the dream, a yeah, an just talking to someone whoisn't isn't my parents they're good people, but just but not being them real bes that thatis kind of the Danse to this ovid thing is you know your parents are good people,I've met them, then wise. That's our for you not wanting to see them. That'show hard this thing has come. You know you feel like there's yeah, there's nota limit on how nice a person can be yeah for you to spend six months or sixweeks in a in a house with them and not like resent them on a deep level likeyou could live with a Dalailama for like six weeks and you could not livein the house. Yeah like fucking Lama, Prick, think you know everything yeahyou it's time to do the dishes and you're meditating again, oh my God. Itgoes where we started. It goes from like man he's such a humble guy. If Ihad to be locked in with somebody, I really struck it like a here and thenby the end of it. You're like he's too fucking humble just get him he's. freaking me out yeah. I man I I haven't, come up with too manycreative ideas. While I've been here but today I want to tell you aboutsomething that will change your life and my life. Where do we go and itchanged my life o? I was waiting at centerline because I had changed mydetails. A guy was driving a little two ton truck past the center like, and hehad one more time by Daff punk playing up really loud. He was kind of a middleaged man and he was wearing a high his jacketand he and an it goes one more time going to sell a braid set low, Brit anddance for free. He was singing that loud as he couldn't. He goes one moretime, Goin to celebrate. Sallow Briton smoke some weed and he looked right atme. Hahhhhhh. I could wait to tell you. I could not wait to know you. It wasjust the best and like cause setlings kind of packed right now. There wasjust hit the people out the front and he wasjust looking at us all like come on guys, let's just celebrate and smokesome Weed Huh a that's great, you just like cluck youin amongst the crowd, and it was like if one of these guys is going to dig aweed based parody song. It's that Guy Yeah Yeah Yeah the cure. Channelling they'll digthis clever song parody. That's one thing I think I've beenmissing everyone's like I misgone the pub or the movies and stuff I just misslike cooked interactions with strangers. I feel like that's something that isalways brings a lot of happiness to me. They haven't had in a while. I am yeahit's so I got this job. I got this job. You know checking footpaths for tripping hazards, Oh yeah. What what's this about, because I kind of work for the counselwith my other job, the council said we'll try and get you a job insomething else, so they just gave us the jobs they it's very nice of them todo this, but they just gave us jobs where they're like all right. We've gota fill in some gaps here and, let's just give them jobs were basically arobot could possibly do it, but we're going to give it to people youknow. So we just have to identify tripping hazards, and so it's all rightthrough the process, so you're walking down the foot path. You may be noticedlike a large stone stones. Not We don't report those theycan. That's above your Pakra yeah, you just kick them out of the way. It'sfine. I've already gone one step. I've I've taken the law in my own hands withthose, but they give you a little ruler andtwenty five mealor over. If so of the...

...footpath stone, is risen or if there'sa whole twenty five meal deep, then we mark it down and clip board, take aphoto. We've got to take two photos of each one and then send them away, andthen they have a people to fill them in or or fix them or whatever yeah. Butthe other day I was walking along and I was wearing a high v single clipboard and this lady's watching her kid jump on a trampoline and she goes do you need to come inside and I'm like? No, you guys you can come inside. If youwant, I don't care, I'm Lino. I don't. I don't know I feelguilty for not going inside like I should have checked a water meter orsomething I don't know, that's so funny. It's like all the it'slike we're, so jus stranger danger is going out. The window, because ifpeople want any human contact yeah well you a mysterious stranger yeah get inhere, come on yeah yeah meet my kid is clip board. I don't need to seeanything else yeah. So it was. It's been a cool job,but then I got promoted today for this other job, where they they we justclean sporting facilities within our Council region. So man have you everused a high pressure washer before I don't think so. Man, it's usually a shit job, but todaythis this kind of ramp at the sporting complex was so dirty that when I sawthe water hit the cement and clean the sludge off and the line between cleanand dirty, it was very satisfying. Oh Man, yeah yeah. How many of thosethere's like s black and white. It's like those yuture compilations oflike extremely satisfying stuff. Yes, yeah, someone just like blastingthe grossest shit you've ever seen. We like cutting the crab and half orsomething yeah. It's like just extremely efficient workers, yeah yeahyeah did you did you do that with your bath?Once didn't your bath? Go black once and you cleaned it and it it went back to its normal color inyour share house. That is not your now. Your parents, a yeah yeah. I had a suck in the tub yesterdayand I did poisonous. I don't think that happened to me. Itmight be thinking of someone else. I don't know yeah. I think I actually, Imight be thinking of someone else, it's good to know when you're, trying towhen you're trying to think of WHO's, the grossest brick on us go to example. What are you? What are your thoughts?Man? What have you written down any any funny things you can do in stand up orany funny sketches you've thought of yeah. I haven't done a ton, but I'vewritten out a list of some stuff. I've been thinking about that I'd love tojust yes run by you kind of rapid fire. Someof them is a the short ideas, but I think there's something in some of themagain. I feel like the because I'm watching a lot of TV whileat my folks house- and it's like it sucks now, because all the ads haveadjusted to the pandemic. I TV ADS are like Hey, look, wirl, struggling andsure you got to be inside, but let's make the most of it and they're alllike sympathetic to what's happening where yeah that sucks, because I thinkthere was this real golden moment kind of before, like when it first startedwhere everyone was locked in, but the ads had not updated yet so every ed wasjust so watching the news and it's just the most harrowing. It's like peopleare dying. People are sick, do not leave your house whatever you do, andthen they will cut to the ADREA and it's like Hey Kay mart get in here, buysome stuff whatever you want. We around and then it'll be like back to the newsthat we like do not go outside, do not touch anyone and then it'll be likecome on down to the DEPO dogs. We got the stadium, is sold out and get inthere and buy a snack and bet on the dogges it'll be great and they justlike. I don't know. I think there could be something in. I don't know I justexaggerating what sort of what so bad are doing if I was doing itas a stand up or a sketch, or something where it's like the sort of harsh newsbit and then cutting straight into like you know, it came art, we reckon youshould eat a bat and kiss an old man who gives a fuck came Kyeh. I'm trying to think of. I was thinkingof like what. If it's got an ad for sea world when coved first starts yeah andthen after that is like see, world salesells puzzles... a yeah. Just I love a real like a real hard left turn companypivot to a De Yeah. Yeah, no thing if it's like all right, the a league isn'tstarting up again, but you know, if you want us to ship you, a home cooked meal.We've got all the players food from the country of origin and we'll send it toyour way. Yeah you soccer boots, yes, make him into puppets yeah all the ELIC teams have to knithomemade puppetry and write little scripts that fit you to perform withthem a tello performed by the Melbourne City. The puppet show madefrom soccer boots and socks. Now I can using the Magitot, I canteach my children about the classic Italian theater of Comedia del Arte,thanks to kill yeah, it's just so they just start having a break down mid showjust a a puppet made out of soccer boots going God. Just get me back onthat field. Jesus Cross was the fucking King of the world. The top goal scorer for three years wason the sucker rooms. Now look at me. My life is over. I wonder if I could. I could draw that one as a comic orsomething like a three panel or something like yeah, a fuck, a lot of a lot of there's a lotof back story, though, isn't there a lot of you know what I mean like the soccerplayers? have to maybe the coaches telling the soccer players guys due toCovin, we can't play any more. However, if we make puppets out of our boots, we can perform a thello or somethinglike that. Yeah, it's some weird, like contractualy. We can. We can't pay you to play soccer anymore, but we can technicallykeep you on the books. If you do something yeah, so they got to startdoing like yeah strict performing or we tried to like it's just crazy manlike red balloon. We tried to send my mom a gift for mother's Day and I hadlike virtual things. You could do like virtual animal petting and just must have animals on camerayeah, and then you go. I want to pet that one. You like, I just virtual cocktail. I don't knowdrinking or whatever virtual virtual cocktail party, or something like thatit had was just so o you wearing like via gogles or what's happening. I don'tknow man, I don't think so. I think it just comes up on the screen. It's the most horrible thing I couldever think of anyway. Yeah it's. You know when things just take the pissyou're like look. I did a few comedy shows online. Some of them were good. One went real good because you couldhear the audience laugh and the dude worded them up, but really things look, you can just sort of astay live. Oh Yeah, can you explain like what the what the setup is for theonline comedy Gig, because I haven't done one yet, I'm kind of I'minterested, so the online comedy Gig that I did was yeah. They just screened on you tube,and you can't hear the laughter or anything. It's just in the comments.That's it. So you really don't know how you'regoing it is. A real free fall yeah. I wish I could say it's like doing comedyin the dark or something, but it's more than in the dark. It's in the IT's screaming in all void. Basicallyyou don't know the result. You don't know time, you don't know space, but then this guy had like he had tenten families in Adelaide this other GIG and he paid us to do a Gig, O ver zoom,and you could hear them laugh and you could see them. So that was cool and Ithink it could have been a nightmare, but it wasn't an or merit it actuallyturned out good, but I think that was I think we got lucky at that stage. It would really suck if you were like acomedian who kind of wasn't that good and then all these zoom gigs startedappearing, and you were the king like his. I don't know what it was that wasdifferent, but you could just crush every some GIG. It's like what you werebuilt for. You just know it's going away, Ye four or five months of just being anabsolute killer. Yeah then it'll go back to a live setting, it's just backto bomb town every night, yeah...

...he's like. Oh there's, no delay. Ican't work. I got to comedy if people are lookingme in the eyes yeah. Oh, I know Weird Echo, God Damon. I've got a whole bit on wed echo man, that's so good is for some reason.His name is Dr Zoom, Doctor Zoo, hey doctor, zoom yeah, that's sums the Zoom Cibao yeahyeah, where the jokes come it you anyway, you like. I know we talked for quite a whileabout Sinfield on a recent episode, but I was thingie good. If this happenedduring the time of Sinfield and he's got to do, is you know the opening bit of the episodemonologue, but just like screaming into the void on his computer? I was likeyou ever noticed at the park who's going to the park. You got peoplelooking after the kids and the craziest people on Earth. What's that about andthen just like Eerie echoy silence. That he's like. Is that something he'sanyone there haven't spoken to anyone in yeah weeks? I need help yeah Super Man, you just start yellingsuperman. I love supermen and didn't one get any theories on super mand. I remember once man I saw like you knowyou just it makes me think about network likefree to Air Television, just how you were held at the mercy of anything thatwas on yeah like years ago before, because we didn't live near avideo shop. We had to travel now for the video shop whatever. So if therewas nothing good on TV, you just had to watch it yeah it's that is so scary man, and Iremember you would just on Saturday night, you just watch what it and Iremember have one of those celebrity gossip shows or whatever it wasn'tgossip. It was just like funny stuff. That's happened in the Papara. I likeJerry, Sanfield's good in the Papara. I he is a journalist giving Jerry a Sinfield board game like a gift.A He's like. Oh thanks. Thanks, I'm sorry a Superman Board game becausejerry loves superman he's like Oh thanks for the board game, and Iremember thinking who that's crazy, but now I'm thinking, Fuck Fred a v sit yeah. It really does he's differentclips of celebrities reactions to, and I mean that as if that doesn't happen on Yout,you know but you're there to see it on you tube selectively, yeah or you could just not there's other options you could it'slike I used to when I was riding on this TV show for abit. It's like a lot of. It was just dealing with messages. People wouldsend in yeah, and it's like it's crazy, because people like what you'redescribing of how shit it was. There's people who, just their wholelife, was in that shit watching free to war mode. So they don't understand thatthey it's too internalized. They, I think they got to watch what's on TV,even though there's a million options now. So I just like just you're in the in box for the TVshow, and it's just people like laying into you so hard like yeah they're likeit's like I fucking hate. This show you the whatever night you're wasting mylike time is not funny. Not Research is, is bullshit and he like Yeh, stopwatching like on yeah, and then you scroll up in the messages and it's likethey've been messaging in like every week for years, and it's like you aregiving this show an hour of your time every single night and you hate it. Somuch like what are you doing? What's the plan yeah, it was that's what Iremember. I worked as a glassy at a pub once and you would walk around and thebouncer would say if you see anyone asleep or being rude. Just tell me andI'll kick him out and the amount of fuss they would create and there be a line outside andeverything and I'm like hospitality is the weirdest demographicever because the only place that you want to stay in, like a consumer environment where youdon't hold the cards, they hold the cards. Yeah like you stay in here foras long as you want you know, but any other position of buying and sellingyou're like. I don't want to be here any longer than I than I can. You know you know it's just it's just crazy tome that kind of a situation and then that's when I stopped drinking it pubsa lot I was like they hold the cards...

...and after that I never waited in linein a night club again like I was like I'm, I'm not going to do that. This iscrazy. If you bought aliens down to Earth and said Yeah, you can watch freeto air TV or you can do something like read abook or why don't you make your own art you're like? Why would you do that?Just Watch? What's on TV like or you go to the Aliens Hey, this iswhere we drink at a bar. We pay five times the price of what you get in in abottle O and you have to wait in line andappease the regulations of other people. The Lens will go. What the fuck is thewrong with this planet as funny as we like. Everyone thinksthat aliens would like observe these little minutiae of human life that are amusinge H. I was just imagining like you taking the aliens around going like.Can you believe that we pay? You know a premium just to sit in a some shittybar instead of drinking at our house with our friends and they like yeah. Weask to meet your leader and deplete your energy sources. I don't know whywe're interested in it in any of the Shite. Do this so now, yeah on kiltedwatch TV reader book Co gives a Shit, I'm not yeah yeah through eight light years to get here.It's shut up, yeah I'm like yeah, but I don't think you'regetting it in a bottle. o a six pack, fifteen resin a pub it's like elevendollars for a part. Really it isn't this insane to you,it's insane to me Ye a lot of bottles. You can get a lotmore option as well, see. There's like draft beers and sort of smaller batchones, kind of local ones were at the pub. You generally got your kind of bigmainstream beers that are kind of mass produced which is not as interesting.You know what I mean and I like. What are we doing? Yeah show me to yourhydrogen cells. Please Ye! You do know where they are right. You said you did,then you show us around different pubs for twenty minutes. Yeah Yeah. We wanted to see the HironCallada and you're like I've this, but still isn't this puzzling to you. Theygo to the hard drunk Colada and it's just all. The scientists are talking aboutit as well. They just got a bee and a point on thehigh drunk Colada yeah, going there's no difference. Why wouldyou have one in a pub or white hope for four times a price? We don't understandit. I was thinking of this. I was thinking of this little l, sketchman yeah. Like another comic book. I've been in common mode lately great so aguy is getting dressed, he's sitting on the edge of the bed.There's a woman in the bed and he's just he is he fully nude in the firstpenal? No He's just doing up be shirt, I'd sayall right, but it looks like if you want to get those get those clicks. IRican full frontal nuity for that a opening panel. Well, that's the nextquestion. I was going to ask you: what would you like to pose for friend all nudity and he's got tohave the world's craziest Dick would be my not yeah. That's what people aregoing to click on man. You're writing a whole nothercomin! I don't want to be viral first, okay. Iwant this to be a cult thing. So a guy is getting dressed. He andthen the guy says. Well that was a nice night. Let me know if you want to get togetheragain some time and then he goes hey. This might seem abit out of place a kind of weird, but why do you have a photo of SaddamHussein on your bedside table and then they go and then the girl goes. Oh, that ha ha ha. That's not SedamHussein! Silly! It's actually serial killer Ivan Mallett, because I kind of look similar. I guessand then the guy goes. Oh for a second there. I thought you were a total wido and then they both laughed together, ha ha ha. You reckon that's a a strong, strongthing yeah I like it. I think you could have little astericks and then have exactlywhat you said when you're explaining it like in the corner where it is becausethey look kind of the same. I guess...'s funny man t is: It is kind ofracist, they're, probably from two different. You know Middle Easterncountries or over Malat, probably not even from nearthat region, but because they're both evil. You can confuse them yeah. I don't think it's racist toconfuse Ivan Malati Saddam Hussein, but I haven't thought about it before thismoment. Man That should be a hypothetical. I might just do a do. A test of likedragging you on the Internet just to see how people react. I be like racistcomedian. Necati Confuses Ivan Millett and Saddam Hussein and see if peopleare like, Oh my God he's done, or if people are just like what yeah is that something a yeah man yeah? So, okay, so that's that'swrong. You recognize should do that. Do just do that. The way it is no variasomething in because Saddam Hussein famously had allthose impersonators what it is. It was actually a picture of one of theimpersonators or something I don't really know where you'd go with that.That's that's good, because not no silly, it's actually one of his impersonates.If you had a specific name for them, it's like no silly, that's yeah, Abdool, something or other one ofhis most trusted. impersonators, Oh yeah, or would you say, body double or inYeah Body doubles? Probably Better! Oh yeah, great great yeah be her body doubles,not a person and personate os are like like an evening with Saddam use likeTourreil, or something get him a wool and going R sl yourfavorite Saddam sing in the hits of Michael Jackson.For some reason, yes, the asa any yoke he's got he's always gotterrible leadings before the songs, because Oh the Gulf War looks like it'sapproaching on as fast. This is going to be a thriller. Denain he's got real shit like he has his golf clubs and he's like when Iheard there was a Gulf War. This isn't what I had in mind and is like the audience is just like staring athim like what the fuck is. This yeah. I think that could be a separate comicstrip or sketching it. So the time was saying impersonator touring ourselveswith a music at Man. It's just got the big drum roll,the big drum roll in the spotlight they're, like all the way from Q, Ait give it up for yourfavorite, sir. Damn Hussein impersonate Sir Damn in sad. Then he walks out withgolf clubs. He Goes Ho Hoo looks like I came prepared for the wrong go for just a huge boo, something like thatend of skitch yeah. I think he has to sing songs, though that's why it's finelike if he does that yeah he again goes like hit it did. I didn't I to thesetots kind of like nervously, dancing. Yeah Oh looks like one of the people in theis therinne in the crowd tonight Annie. Well, I go a song for you. Anya,don't do o just terrible leads in yeah. That'sanother! It's got like a real long. One re: it'slike a fridge, gets wheeled on stage and he's like. Oh all, this all this warfare is got me hungry timeto get myself a nice Nice cheesecake and he goes oh no, thischeese cake got is gone old, oh I'd, say it's gone bad. My favorite thing I've ever heard. Then he just sings the whole song badto the most confused people. You've ever seen well he's holding this likerotten cheese cake next to a fridge, he's he's paid for them to bring themall out. Man. The world was like closer to what Ithought was good in terms of entertainment, like I feel like forTankfor, your back. That's all I want... watch you know about like how muchfree to wear it sucks like. I think, if, if shit like that was on free to wearlike Saddam Hussein in personator doing thehits of Michael Jackson with insane leadings to every song man, I yeah sin me up every night, I'mwatching it. I reckon after that I would. I would quit comedy or wouldjust long. I would work any trade job or any shit job to just come home tothat and and just to ring you about it, a well man, it's kind of happen that thisis kind of happened. That way as well as golfed was watching that terriblesketch show like Shishim NGO or it's got the three guys at dressed up asItalian, dad's yeah and just go hey, I'm going to tell youdead dog, you bother fucker or something like that, and my girlfriendwas watching it, and I was like why you're watching this. This is this isso terrible, and then I watch it for like three minutes and then it startedto growl me. I was like yeah. This is real funny. This is taken a real I've done, a realthree, a d sixty on this. So I'm like it is, and then that's all we saythrough out: Don't we laugh our asses off and go it's so bad, it's so bad! I A friend of mine was like works in venues and events andstuff, and he said he was like they were doing their live show and it waslike packed like big theater, fully packed just from people who, like it onyou tube and stuff, and he was explaining to me. I was like man. Itwas like the worst shit like these hacke old, racist, jokes and I was thecrowd, was so dumb, but they were laughing so much as I was just hatingit and and then they brought like some sort of sports car out on to thestage and started doing burn out on the stage, and then I was like man. This isactually really good yeah. That really got me over the line. That would be my exact reaction as well.I I feel like if you don't burn out on a stage somehow that I don't care aboutthe content of the comedy any more like that. Yeah, that's a hit. That's asmash hit man. We need to monitor a lot of these pages, for when they do live,shows and wait till they start kind of. Hopefully they hit some kind ofdownward trajectory not hopefully like. I wish them all the best, but they willhit some kind of downward to rectory, and then we get the cheap tickets, andwe just take acid and go see this. I reckon I would lose my mind there wouldthere would have to be some kind of Saddam Husseins singing Michael Jacksonskating that somewhere it'll be good to, like you know, people step away fromcomedy like sort of Dave. Shippe did I mean he's back now, but he will likequit after his show and Yeah Steve Martin famously like got to the top ofthe stand up game and then just just sort of quit like I'd, I feel likequitting is boring. It's like if you're, if you're, truly a creative, uniquekind of performer, I feel like you should get to the top and then just doit like just really nose dive and like consciously start doing, the SaddamHussein, Michael Jackson and person ado think feel like that would be just abold career move if like. If that's just they've hughes like say he wantedto quit comedy. But, instead of doing it, that's all he did from now on wasjust two years of Saddam Hussein in personal until Ye stop coming yeaed yeah, that's what you're Goin todo you that's exactly it like quitting is for cowards, but just flaming outwith some insane dog shit like that's, just really go out on your shield. Youknow, I don't know why more! We dos don't do that, just like people at thetop like why wouldn't jim carry just shell out a million just to tour, someweird fucked up show yeah that just has people walking out. Has Anyone ever done that on I'm trying to think? I don't know like?I can't think of anyone. Who's done that,like consciously like is definitely people who have just been yeah kind oflost their minds and gone on tour with some insane thing. Yeah Galligo, maybe, but he was kind of like a genius in his ownright, yelling racist things, while hitting a water. Melon is yeah,probably one of the funniest things. I've ever heard, yeah, it's pretty good. I love it also that I thought it wasfunny at the time. I guess you know you go through the stage where you kind ofthe comedy police in a way, and I remember Maron, had gallager and Ithink galliger walked out of that yeah.

I remember that I may think it gally you races, fuck orwhatever, but now I'm like Ma Maren's trying to fucking cancel thedude that hits water melons live on stage, it's kind of dumb, it'syeah. Well, I kind of just think like. I want him to be unhinged likethat, like a way to play it if you're GALATA, like if you're I mean I don'teven remember what the yes his thing was like I'm, not I don'tfollow Gay Gallagher's career but, like I just feel like I be ashamed. Not Up today not on is news letter, butit's like he just yeah. If your whole life is you tour, the country and youjust smash hit with a hammer and people like love, it yeah. If ye're doing thatfor like twenty years it kind of sucks. If you're, then, you know given somelike really thoughtful introspective is like yes well Mike. I'm really glad youask what I'm getting at with the fruit thing is really metafor, for you knowhow our society treats people is like now. Youwanted to just be some loopy guy, just screaming and yeah like so so vulnerable and like good as defencesup like that's what you want yeah yeah, that's the best thing about TonyLaw is he does get deep and introspective, but it's always like funny in a way yeah. You, like you,know, he's just like that that spotty does it rustle howards on RussellHowards. Have I got news for you or whatever there's just? Was it good news?Does it have a good yeah yeah, just how just it's one of the funnysets I've ever seen in my whole life and then how just before it Ouou showedit to me how he's on that podcast is like Oh yeah, that bit yeah. I wasgoing to give up on comedy right before that, and I wrote it on the train. That's right! That's the kind ofintrospect I want yeah, definitely on to go through another look from myyeah he's here. If you want to go to something else, yes, well, I don't know if this could be asketch or something, but I think it would be. It would work aslike a parody of like an Internet video kind of thing. But you know you seethose videos on you tube, where it's like real real jewel thief reacts to robbery, scenes in movies or like aYale Skate. Boarder react to like skateboards scenes and movies orsomething I wanted to do. A video, that's called real prisoners, react tostar trek a h and it's just. We get people who couldbe prisoners and then they like shown scenes from Star Trek, and thenthey just explain how that's not a realistic depiction of prison. Yeahjust be whatever it is. It'll, be like man phase of beams. Are you kidding meyea prison? You don't get any phase of beams and they'll be like like going into warp speed in prison. Youcan't even leave yourself, let alone wop. You know across the Galaxy Yeah not realistic at all yeah yeah they keep talking about becauseapparently good currency in prison is two minute noodles. Oh yeah yeah, likeit's huge currency there like fuck. I wonder how many times he swapped thosenoodles for like how many noodles he swapped atRegan for or no noodles here, and I misder noodles in brig an that space ship that must have costeight hundred million packets of noodles at Leah, Yeah Yeah, that's good men. I riggan that'sgreat. I mean in the all those sketches a great thing that you do a lot andit'll be hard to think of this though, but you I reckon you'd be pretty closeto some under underlying themes throughout it that they always talkabout like h. This is bogus and this this this prison. This wouldn't happenin a real prison. A real one, they'd have real cool guards to talk to me and andone for ever friends or something like well. There was like a recurringcharacter: they keep referencing yeah, they were like, and if you pull thiskind of shit in prison, switch blad would kick in the knees and Yeah Niceguys like Oh switch blood would not be happy about this. One. Your knees wouldbe getting kicked big time or yeah yeah flips switch blead would have sodomisedyou by now. We that weird tail that wouldn't thatwouldn't last on block Agh, no way...

...we some some weird underlyingingredient. I don't know what you would have, but yeah yeah or one of the prisoners just knowsheaps and heaps about star Trek where they're like now. This is sounrealistic because, as you can see, La Forge is on the bridge in this scene,but, as we all know, he should be in engineering. The fact that he's on the bridge mustbe that maybe rice was sick or some other. This is not a representativescene of what it would be like on the enterprise at all, as I'm in prison, sovery different to my life, yeah yeah. It's got a guard and he's like. Idon't know why you've asked me to do this. You put me in the room with theprisoners I was in the I was in the audition. I was in the Green Roomwaiting to get taped, and then you put me in with some of the people that Ibrutally Paten, and it's that I can't it's hard for me to talk about thesescenes from Star Trek, because I'm having visions, I just locked eyes with a man that I brutally beat with a baton because hetried to steal one fish finger off someone else's table in the mess holeand yeah anyway. Look this episode of Star Trek is good. My Dad had it ob yeah and the other one. That's maybe abit more simple, but would just be in that same premise. That I was thinkingabout would be. If I just did one that was like realstand up, comedian reacts to stand up scenes in movies yea for for everysingle one of them. I'm just like. Well, first of all look here, people havecome to watch the comedy and there seem to be enjoying it right. That is nothow it goes right there, a on any research yeah and then I'm justcrumbling more and more throughout it, like it'll, be some scene from likemarvelous, Miss Mazel and she'll, be like now by a Gallo, drink first andI'll, be like fuck, that's good! Why didn't I think of stuff like that? GodYeah Yeah wasted my life. I got to think a good funny shit like that o you see what to say what they had her.They didn't have distractions like the Internet and stuff. So that's why thejokes are better. It's why the jokes are better, soannoying yeah, that's great man that is yeahfuck. That is good or yeah. Once again, you could have oh yeah. Well, thesecurity card didn't fuck her girlfriend, but this club run is all right. He'snot a dirt dog like that, Oh yeah, it's ecstasy said it's ectasy sit in my roomfor four hours and nothing happens. Yeah that didn't happen to miss fuckingMAZETTA. No one kicked her in the face on theway to the gig yeah, see that Oh yeah where's the rolled up handcheck. No rolled HAP Pan shake this movie sucks already for those you don't know when you getpaid for a GIG. Usually the promoter gives you this weird hand shake withthe money rolled up in it. I don't know why this I don't know how this happenedbut has so unnecessary. It's like, I guess, paying people in cash astechnically, not the correct way to do it, but yeahwe're not in the fucking Mathiot. I got A. I got one as well: that's kindof robber prison based Jack. I thought maybe so yeah. I did this one as a comic as well,but might be a sketch. It's got two policemen with a with arobber, apprehending him, and he says I rob that sausage factory and I'd do itagain and then the policeman, the first policeman goes where you'll be going,there'll be more than enough sausages, and then the robber goes really there's heaps of sausages in prison andthen policeman number two goes: you'll probably eat the odd sausage ortwo, but he means Penas he's referring to the men in the prison and then andthen the robber goes all right, a pretty good joke. Considering you cameup with it on the fly too bad too bad. It's about me getting sodomised andthen everybody laughs, and then the policeman pointed to the robber andgoes now that's funny. Yeah, that's good! I like how both yourcomic book ideas have just ended with everyone. Laughing yeah, like you'veincluded, is like comic books. Haven't had like a Sitcom Laugh track builtinto the moon and you've added in, like just letting people know when to left.There's a I seen in my favorite comic book, oneof my favorite, the killing joke where that man confronts a joker in theendand then...

...the joke is done. These terrible things he's killed a few people and stuff, butthen he tells Batman a joke and then they both end with them laughing yea.It's just got the Hag Haha written, really cool. You Know Yeah Yeah Yeah. All this is just another angle on it,maybe because that's real funny, but if it's robbing the sausage factory andhe's like I'll, do it again and the cops are like mate there'll, be a lotof sausage. Hell be enough sausages where you're going it winks and theother one's like yeah, you might have to eat a sausage or to wink, and then they like, they just keep going into itlike the ones like yeah trust me by the end, you'll be sick of sausages. I canguarantee you that wink and then at the next. The final panel is like the guys locked up in a sort in aprison made of sausages. It's like industrial sausage, prison, so Yali the incarcerated Ye. What's asausage incarceration institute or something and they've experimented bycheaper building materials? If it's made of sausages, yeah yeah, that'sgood! That's real good man! That's Great Yeah! The whole place is made outof sausages or if you just have a building that has made of sausages andthere's like a big sign out the front that says like says the name of the prison and then in,like smaller letters, the world's first prison, that's made of sausages orsomething like that Yeah Yeah Yeah. Would there be a funny line todude saying yet the outside prison made out of sausages is a pretty that's strong enough that punch line yeah. I thought I, if there's a ifthere's a panel of him sitting in the prison and the sausages of bars- and hegoes, I thought they were referring to the all the men that were going to bein here. But but then again I don't think it's asstrong as just having an outside shot of the of the prison made out ofsausages. Yeah you could have the outside shot ofa prison mater sausages, and then you could. This might be stretching it toomuch where it's like me, then it's him in a sale made of sausages and he'slike I thought they were making innuendo about about being sodomised inprison and then there's another guy there and he says: Oh, no, that's stillpart of it. Haaaaa Hatha man, that's perfect! That's so good! The building materialdoesn't affect what happens in prison. I'll guarantee you that ha ha man. That's that's! Absolutely perfect!That's a that's gold! That's good! That's gold!Yeah beautiful! I want to want some writing credits on these comics. Yesyeah. I Renata's my goal into break into the the art world. Yeah re mancomic Strip ideas. We could call these. We could. I could probably just yeah.We should release like a fun catchups comic book. If I do enough yeah well, I should learn how to Ishould try and do something as well such a fun fun project to do. I should just getsome get the basics of drawing again I used to do a lot when I was in schooland stuff. We man have. You got a because I I think I'm going to buy an Ipad, because you can just get photos and this program Corpro create and itbehaves like a pen and you just get the photos at the right angle and you canrecreate you can just trace over it like a yeah.You know and a comic I'm lucky because I can draw so I can still do the comicbook shading on it, but someone like you picks it up pretty quickly. Youcould probably do it. You know yeah, I mess around with that D. be good yeahman! That's that's good! I reckon that's been a bloody fun catch up.Unless you got one more catch up, I got a list of stuff, but we can justkeep going in the next step. Man. I think next next time we'll be face toface which will be great yeah man that that'll be a fun catcher all right, great man, well, a greattalking to you and I'll see you next time. Okay, thanks for coming for thisfun catch up. We never know how to end this when we dont over Scot it's soawkward, the ending every time, the funny to address you or the listener oryeah yeah. I know I'm so this is the end good, a good this is he an good bye? It's just the end.

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